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House of Servitude



House of Servitude

Decadence, Fetishism & Nihilistic Hedonism

House of Servitude Serving a Mistress Poolside
House of Servitude Locked in Cage
House of Servitude Locked Serving a Mistress on Hands and Knees

Experience Your
Deepest Desires

Indulge in the art of decadence, fetishism, and nihilistic hedonism. The House of Servitude is an exclusive high-end resort located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Orange Counties, and Coachella Valley. Our luxury resort home boasts an outdoor kitchen, a lounge area, and beautiful pool. This private outdoor play area is tailored to fulfill the most intimate desires.

Step into a world where your fantasies of enslavement become a breathtaking reality. This captivating journey is led by resident Mistresses from around the globe. The House of Servitude offers a 24-hour fully immersive encounter where guests surrender all control in a Female Led Experience unlike any other.

As you enter this New World Order, leave behind all social privileges, choices, and rights. Embrace your role as a devoted slave. Existing only to serve, obey, and please the Mistresses.

A Day of
Submissive Bliss

Each day at The House of Servitude promises unforgettable experiences. Adorned in maid attire to cook breakfast and serve the Mistresses. They may show Their appreciation with a slap on the face or utilize you for morning toilet duties. If She is awakened too soon, She might bend you over Her knee and give you a thorough correctional spanking.

Throughout the day, the slaves will continue to cater to the Mistresses, serving drinks poolside, massaging Her feet, and providing entertainment. Obedience is rewarded with special treats - receiving morsels directly from the Mistress's mouth and being utilized for Her pleasure during slut training.

Those who fail to please will face consequences, such as being bound in ropes and chains, or better yet, abandoned in the kennel.

House of Servitude Mistress
House of Servitude Serving a Mistress While Gaged and Bound
House of Servitude Mistress with a Whip
House of Servitude Night in the Kennel

A Night
To Surrender

When night falls, The House of Servitude offers a variety of experiences for the slaves. Dinner parties, public outings, and relentless midnight whippings create an environment where limits are pushed, and boundaries fade.

As bedtime approaches, the Mistresses will decide sleeping arrangements. A select few will be granted the honor of sleeping at the foot of the Mistress's bed. While some may find themselves expertly bound in inescapable bondage or locked away in the kennel overnight as a reminder of their place.


an immersive
no nonsense Femdom experience

The setting for this adventure is a beautifully designed resort home. However, the open display of discipline, bondage and humiliation devices unmistakably conveys that this is no ordinary vacation. The continual use of these items painfully underscores that concept.

For those who have experienced a two-hour or three-hour BDSM session, this will mark a significant leap in personal growth. The skill of the House of Servitude Dominatrixes is brutally beautiful and instructive.

-- slave bob

an authentic sense of being owned

The House of Servitude is not for the faint of heart. The consequences for misdeeds were genuinely intense and agonizing. Though serving the Mistresses was gratifying as I experienced a genuine sense of being a devoted servant owned by them.

The rules were stringent, punishments unyielding and I relished every moment of it.

-- martin

An atmosphere of suspense and excitement

A thrilling and action-packed 24 hours. The Mistresses devised a continuous series of devious schemes and carefully crafted tasks, truly elevating the servitude experience.

An atmosphere of suspense and excitement kept me on my toes throughout. It was a wild journey, eagerly anticipating the next surprise twist in this adventure.

-- tom

24 hours of masochistic BLISS

This was one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences I've ever encountered. Control was assumed by highly experienced Mistresses who thoroughly enjoyed themselves at my expense.

If you've never experienced an overnight BDSM immersion, you're missing out. I have been involved in the scene in various capacities for a long time and highly recommend House of Servitude.

-- slave glory

Exclusive Events

FLR Couples Retreat
Foster an intensified bond

Embark on a FLR weekend retreat at the House of Servitude, a luxury oasis in the desert. Our meticulously crafted experience honors the core of Dominance and Submission (D/s). This exclusive event invites couples to explore Female-Led Relationships (FLR) and strengthen the bond between partners. Revel in the bliss of surrendering control and elevating your dynamic in our indulgent environment.

Spring 2024
Hosted by Mistress Georgia Payne
Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th

24-hour slave Immersion
Step Into Servitude

A visit to The House of Servitude promises a transformative journey. One that offers an intimate, private, and truly unforgettable overnight encounter. Surrender, serve, and find the true meaning of bliss in Our world of unyielding dominance.

Summer 2024
Mistress Georgia Payne, Mistress Josephine Drake, Mistress Kiko
Saturday, June 1st to Sunday, June 2nd

Fall 2024
Mistresses TBA
Saturday, October 14th to Sunday, October 15th

Winter Spanking Parties
delve into impact play

Join us for a day of sensuality and liberation, where individuals come together to celebrate the art of consensual and playful spanking. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer exploring the world of impact play, this private event offers a safe and respectful space. Embrace the allure of anticipation, the sting of connection and the freedom to let go at our Spanking Party

Winter 2024
Disciplinarians TBA
Saturday, December 14th, 1PM to 4PM
Sunday, December 15th, 1PM to 4PM

Residing Mistresses

Mistress Josephine Drake
Mistress Josephine Drake

With 25+ years of experience, Mistress Josephine Drake, is highly skilled in classic disciplinary practices, pushing psychological buttons and asserting control in sessions ranging from playful to strict.

Experience submission under Her deeply objectifying and highly controlling style.

Mistress Georgia Payne
Mistress Georgia Payne

Unleash your deepest desires with Mistress Georgia Payne, who relishes in heavy corporal punishment. With over two decades of experience, She is a true disciplinarian who knows how to push your limits.

Surrender yourself to Her, and you'll experience a mind-altering journey like never before.

Mistress Kiko
Mistress Kiko

A shibari master with over two decades of experience, Mistress Kiko excels in Japanese rope bondage. She will explore your interests, unearthing your vulnerabilities and exposing your true self.

Succumb to Her mastery and experience the thrill of being at Her complete mercy.

Become a Resident Mistress

The House of Servitude is proudly woman-owned and operated, embracing the principles of Female Supremacy. If you are a Domina interested in becoming a resident Mistress at our esteemed resort, we welcome you to send an email to

let the journey begin

Once received and reviewed, a small application deposit will be required, and a video interview will be scheduled. Applications will be approved or denied following the interview. An approved slave must pre-pay to secure their place at the feet of the Mistresses.

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